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I am a Sr UX manager and lead designer from the Bay Area, California, a native who graduated from UCSB. Having designed large scale applications for responsive desktop, I am efficient, proactive, and know how to scale a product. I practice design thinking. In my spare time, I cook, exercise and am into art, psychology, science, film and sports.

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Road Maps & Requirements

  • From road maps I aided project managers and CEO's by writing acceptance criteria based on valid use cases
  • Used Jira and Confluence, and in the past Pivotal to write workflow documentation of interactive steps. (Gherkins)

User Experience Research

  • User Interviews and contextual inquiries
  • Competitive analysis - analysis of similar applications
  • User testing with workflows from prototypes I develop using Sketch and Invision

Workflows & Design Patterns

  • Built out Design Pattern libraries, designs systems, on my own and with teams
  • Workflow excellence. My strong suit is designing a new elegant workflow
  • Sound foundational approach for scaling an application

Visual & User Interface Design

  • Delivering hi-fi specs, icons etc. Responsive app deliverables. Font (Awesome) icons
  • Excellent at skinning frameworks in css and html (like bootstrap)
  • Tools include Sketch, Adobe Suite, Invision, Font-awesome, Bootstrap and many others

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